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From voting to action: practical skills for a better Europe

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How might we make our surroundings more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive? 

Introducing the UP2NEB New European Bauhaus Project

​Interdisciplinary, youth-centred upskilling path leveraging on the New European Bauhaus toward peripheral communities: 

UP2NEB aims to engage, connect and empower youth workers from EU peripheral areas, equipping them with co-designed, practical learning resources and updated skills. They will then be able to train and empower young people (18-29) from those territories, to engage with the New European Bauhaus initiative, creating living space prototypes that benefit rural and peripheral communities’ development.


The initiative aims thus to foster positive change in peripheral areas enhancing youth agency.

The UP2NEB project is focusing on the 3 New European Bauhaus pillars: aesthetics, sustainability, inclusion. 





The big vision, you ask?

To create innovative training tools and upskilling youth workers and young people

to bring the New European Bauhaus principles to local spaces. 


Join our Living Lab! 

You are young (whatever that means to you), #noageism

You are extremely enthusiastic about the topics above

You are interested in meeting fellow changemakers 


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