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Rewild is a hands-on course, transforming Utrecht and providing participants with expertise in permaculture design and green city development.


We promote an understanding of regenerative practices, equipping young changemakers to bring back nature to urban areas.


Using community centers as examples, participants explore permaculture with an urban twist, learn about resilient cities, and engage in placemaking.


Together we plant new green spots and connect locals with nature and each other to create a 'rewilded' city.


Citymaking feat. Permaculture

The rewild course is a unique learning opportunity jointly designed by permaculture design expert Michiel Busz, Buurthuis de Leeuw, DOCK, and nice here. 

As a group, you will discover the sweet spot between citymaking and permaculture using a hands-on and case-oriented approach, all while getting to know local initiatives and benchmark projects.

The big vision, you ask?

To empower local citymakers with green literacy, enabling them to turn public spaces into thriving green oases maintained by the community.


We aim not just to create but to shape places based on community needs, ensuring sustainability even after our involvement. Ultimately turning each Buurthuis into an example of regenerative practices and an education hub for green city design.

Who should apply?

You live in Utrecht, preferably in the Tuinwijk area

You are extremely enthusiastic about the topics above

You value co-creation, bottom-up approaches and diversity 

You are available to attend all course days 

We particularly welcome but do not limit the selection to 

  • Young Urban Enthusiasts: Citizens with a  passion for urban development, sustainability, and green initiatives.

  • Urban Design Professionals: Architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and spatial designers seeking to enhance their skills in creating green and community-centric public spaces.

  • Social Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Individuals actively involved in urban innovation projects with a focus on social impact, eager to build a multidisciplinary toolbox for sustainable initiatives.

  • Public Administrators and Civil Servants: Professionals in public administration interested in innovating their work tools through knowledge exchange and collaboration on urban innovation processes.

  • Community Leaders and Advocates: Those dedicated to community development and advocacy, looking to acquire skills for actively shaping public spaces according to the needs of the community.

Application opening soon!

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